genuine jacket?
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Hello, i finally purchased my first leather jacket and of course it had to be a schott nyc. i love stuff with history behind it. Now, i bought this jacket in germany, got a good deal for it and i like it very much. to learn more about the brand i went on this site to read up, after browsing your online store i noticed that my jacket was nowhere to be found. so i really like to know if this jacket is genuine, ie a schott nyc original, made in usa? the article nr. btw is lc2004 heres a picture: and also, what might be a dumb question, there is a pocket on the inside of the jacket with holes in it, (i added a picture also) does it have a specific purpose? thanks in advance, kris
Gail on 09/27/12 at 09:04 AM


Our styles do differ internationally and not all styles are offered or made in the USA. This is a jacket our European distributors have offered in their line of Schott jackets. The jacket was not produced in our US factory, all jackets produced in the US or offered in the USA must have a label of origin in the jacket. Our international distributors based on our approval will offer styles they feel will be favorable to sell in Europe. In reference to the eyelets on the inside pocket, eyelets are usually used for ventilation, maybe in this case, since the pocket appears to be the size of a cell phone, the eyelets allow the ring to be heard. Gail