Can you please date a model 125?
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Hi Gail - my brother recently acquired a model 125 in excellent condition and l'd like to see if you can date it.  The liner is solid black with no "Schott" printed all over, front main zipper is a "YKK" and sleeve zippers are both "Ideal" and the tag inside the front snap pocket reads Lot 343 with 004 after it and what looks like BNDL above that.  Thanks much for any help you can offer.

Gail on 05/13/13 at 07:52 AM

I wish I could give you more information, but just on what you have listed I can only confirm the jacket was produced prior to 1992 as the pocket ticket has no bar code. If the main Perfecto label has a "Bull" then it was produced between 1978 and the mid 1980's. If the label has a "Cycle" rider then it is from the mid-1980's to 1991. Gail

Sonny on 05/13/13 at 08:15 AM

Ok thanks much.