flight jackets from american movies
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Hi, i am italian but i grown up loving american movies and the style of american "blue collar" garments and street wear, i have bought my first Schott flight jacket around 20 years ago (i am 35 now) and since then i always wear it with proud! The movies that pulled me to dream about buying a flight jacket were: "The Thing" , "Red Dawn", "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" where the main characters wore that kind of jacket, but are they from Schott? I posted some photos downloaded from internet so you can have a look. Well i am even a big fan of "The Wild One" and the perfecto jackets but now i am too poor to afford one but one day i absolutely will! So these are the pictures. Antonio
Gail on 12/03/12 at 08:40 AM


They do look like our styles but without seeing the labels in the jackets I cannot confirm that they are our jackets. We have made many variations of the A/2 flight jacket through the years., but I am not sure if the jackets worn in the movies you listed were our jackets. I can confirm the jacket in the Wild One was our Perfecto though. Gail