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Does anyone know if achott can do the 660 28 fitted in an olive tan/camel color?
Bunyip on 03/19/13 at 04:35 AM
I sent an email a couple of weeks ago asking about a custom jacket. Thy arent able to do customs at the moment. They are getting 2013 jackets done and they are a bit short staffed. It seems no customs are being made in the near future..
Gail on 03/19/13 at 11:14 AM

Besides posting your question on thye blog, you also emailed me the question which I did reply back to you. The post from "rollingthunder" is correct we are unable to take custom orders at this time, but we do hope that changes in the near future. On all custom jackets we can can change materials and coloring providing we have the requested materials and coloring in our inventory. We do not have the colors Olive or Camel. Gail

rollingthunder on 03/19/13 at 11:21 AM
Yes ..I recieved your response this morning.thank you.. I posted this question cause I emailed twice and didnt hear back till this morning..thank you