Can u help me with this jacket?
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Hi, my name is Hector and I'm looking for some help, I have a friend Selling me a PERFECTO one star jacket and i need to know how old it is, I need to know if is a real One star jacket and how much I can pay for it, Also, as u can see, doesn't have the stars but you can see the holes also In the small pucket says only the size but not the lot. the zippers are Talon. Let me know is is a real One star Perfecto jacket and how much can cost in that condition, the inside jacket is in good condition also in the lower back, I don't know if the first owner put a patch from Honda company with wings or they bought the jacket like that,I don't Know if is a 618 or 613 thanks for all ur help and have a nice day. One more thing lol, where can I get the stars?
LongLiveRnR on 11/09/12 at 05:00 AM
I'm 100% sure it is a real 613 Perfecto "One Star",made in the late 70's. I wouldn't pay more than 150 € for that jacket, but that's just my point of view... it would probably sell for about 200 € on ebay... Best wishes from Italy
Gail on 11/19/12 at 03:12 PM

This is to confirm it is a Schott  jacket produced before the mid-1970's based on the red size loop. Gail