Brown 641??
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i was wondering if there is or will be a brown 641 jacket? i know the 141 comes in brown...i tried it on, but it was slightly "roomy" in the waist area for me. i have never tried the 641, but thru reading reviews and such, it says it's more fitted than the 141. hence why i'm opting for the 641. but if anyone can give me a comparison of fit, that'd be much appreciated! thanks!
Gail on 09/10/13 at 07:20 AM

We have not offered the 641 in brown for over 25 years and at this time we do not have plans to offer the brown color in this style. The 641 does have a smaller fit then the 141, if you email me I can send you the specs for both styles for your comparison. Gail

email: gail@schottnyc.com