Brooklyn / Manhatten Retailer
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I am going to be visiting NYC in a few weeks, sadly after your pop-up is closing, and would like to try a few different styles on (141L, 660, Caf1). Could you suggest a retailer in Brooklyn or Manhatten that would have the best(largest) inventory to accommodate? Thank you.
Gail on 01/28/13 at 08:50 AM

You can check our "Store Locator" on our site under the contact option or contact our customer service for retailers. You can call -908-527-0011 or email Jerri, her email is jerri@schottnyc.com


NYMIKE on 01/31/13 at 01:04 PM
Dave's New York in Manhattan sells the 141 for $499.00. Best price I've ever found. But a lot of the stores barely have inventory. Especially the one's in Brooklyn. It's always "well we can get it for you". Well no kidding, I can order one myself on the internet if that's the route I wanted to take.