brand new 618 sz 42 for brand new 618 sz 40
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got it as a gift for my bday, but sz was too big, still have original tags, worn for less than a day, looking to trade for a pretty new 618, like mine, but size 40, thanks
clovis on 11/10/13 at 07:04 PM

hello flybynyte! I just would like to know for reference your measurements, since Gail once told me that a Schott sz 42 would fit me fine, however I've read some posts written by guys similar to me saying that this size is bigger than expected.

Thanks in advance, I'd appreciate your help.


Gail on 11/11/13 at 07:43 AM

We always recommend a jacket be purchased in your chest size and the 618 is one size smaller in size then the 118 jacket. Some customers do prefer that tight fit, even though the sleeves may be short  or the shoulders very tight. As always you can contact our customer service and request the measurements specs for each jacket so you can compare what your preference is in fit. We can only confirm what jacket size you are based on your measurements, if you want a tighter or even a much larger size in fit this is your choice. Body structure is a big issue in fit, many customers have the same chest size but their body structure is different, so jackets will fit differently on individuals. Gail