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Hi Gail / Others who may know, I am hoping you would be so kind as to help me with a query... I've got what I think is a Schott jacket, because of the general feel and quality of it, but it looks like it's been relined, and there is no product lot / number or tag. Would you be able to tell me what make of Jacket this is? If it is indeed a real Schott (as far as you can tell that is) Or what photo/info you might need to verify it? I'd really appreciate it! Simon
Gail on 03/26/13 at 08:38 AM

The jacket is either a style 620 in Steerhide leather or a Style 520 in a Soft Steerhide. The jacket was produced with a heavy nylon lining and a detachable pile collar. The style 620 was produced from 1978 - 1981 and again in 1984. In 1982 & 1983 the jacket was produced in the soft steerhide style #520. The lining in the jacket is the original lining the back snap that you can see at the neck of the lining is to accommodate the detachable collar. Gail

TAT2MAN on 04/06/13 at 10:23 AM

Great looking jacket. Wish they still made this only in HH.