Age of this bomber jacket?
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I recently got my hands on this awesome bomber jacket. Just wondering if I could get an age identification on it? I also own a much newer Schott jacket (a 3 year old 141 jacket) and it's leather is a lot more soft and supple. What could I do or products could I use to bring the leather on the Bomber Jacket back to life a little? Many thanks in advance, Mike
Gail on 09/26/13 at 08:30 AM

The jacket is a vintage jacket and was our style 674SM. Based on the Tyvek label and the red print size label in the jacket it was produced between 1965 - 1975. It is a steerhide leather so the leather will not be as soft as the naked cowhide leather of the 141. Because of it age it is also probably more rigid as it has not been cleaned or conditioned through the years. My recommendation would be to have it professionally cleaned and condition. This will prevent the leather from drying out further causing dry rot and tearing. It will also prevent the linings from deteriorating from dirt and sweat. If you do not have a leather cleaner near you, I have posted below a company we do recommend and they do alot of work on vintage jackets. Gail




Arrow Leathercare

3838 Toost Avenue

Kansas City, Mo. 64109


Website: www.arrow-care.com

Customer Service: bea@arrow-care.com

They offer Free in-bound Shipping within the Continental US


papmysta on 09/26/13 at 11:47 PM

Hi Gail,
Many thanks for your prompt and detailed response. Looks like I have my hands on fantastic vintage jacket! Thanks also for the cleaning and condition tips.. as I live in Sydney, Australia I'll do a bit of investigation work and try and find a local leather specialist who do this ol girl justice.
Thanks again,

Gail on 09/27/13 at 07:42 AM


I did not know you were in Australia, so you will have to check for leather cleaners in your area. Until you are able to locate a cleaner you can use a saddle soap to lightly clean the leather and mink oil to condition the leather some. The mink oil may also darken the lighter areas, so test  before using on the jacket. There is no way to clean the lining or collar but at least this method will help some until you find a professional cleaner. Gail