Again about the Elizabeth St. store
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I have written about my experience with the store previously and I have to add the same that the clerks are not interested in the products that they are there to sell.I have tried to find out if sizes 8,10 of the 740N line can be worn by women of medium built and they had no idea.SCHOTT should have a better inventoried and better help in the middle of NYC.This wonderful product deserves better!
Gail on 11/22/13 at 09:55 AM

We are fully committed at Schott to help all customers in finding the right jacket in the correct size. We have taken your complaint about the store very seriously and this will be reviewed with our employees. At this time of the year we are sold out in some sizes and styles, which can effect our inventory in the store. As with any store we are unable to stock all styles in all sizes. With the opening of any new store there are always things that need to be worked out, with input from customers we hope to learn what styles we should stock in the store. Please contact me directly at my email below with any questions you have on our women's peacoat. You can also reach me by phone at our 1-800 number. Please email me at my email address so I can send you the measurement specs for the women's peacoat style 750W, hopefully this will help with sizing. Gail  email: gail@schottnyc.com