740 Wool Care
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Any tips for rejuvinating the look of the wool on my 7-year-old 740 coat?

It's getting thread bare a bit on the high ware areas and pilling has become a problem (which it wasn't for the first few years). It's still as warm as ever and blocks the bitter Lake Michigan winds, but it just doesn't look a nice as it once did. I tried a sweater stone but that made it worse I think.

Good think I have my DU738 Car Coat for the "nice" occasions.



Gail on 09/24/13 at 02:14 PM

There is no way to rejuvinate a material. Any material with extensive wear cannot be made to look new. Wool is made of fibers woven together, years of wear causes the fibers to become weaken. Consistant rubbing on the wool will cause the normal wear of the wool to break down.

Since you have gotten 7 years of good wear out of the jacket keeping you warm each day, it may be time to invest in a new jacket. If it is still keeping you warm then just keep wearing it, as I am sure it has 7 years of good history. Gail