674 flight jacket, help me Gail!
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Hey there, I live in Paris France, and today I found a Schott flight jacket. The man said it was a WWII jacket, but I decided to play it safe and put the jacket on hold. I am sorry, but I have no pictures! The jacket was a very dark brown color with a redish brown diamond quilted lining. all of the buttons were smooth and blackish snap closures. The jacket looked old... older than the 70's. The label was very worn, and made of thin fabric, only two sides of it were sewn down. The main label read "cs 674 MS flight jacket" mnfg schott NYC. There were other numbers but it was very faded. To the left of the main label was another small label with some manufacturing specifications? Can't remember and didn't write it down! Said something about NYC. The zipper was a Talon. I am praying that this is a real WWII jacket, so is there anything you can tell me to look for that will definitively pronounce it as a WWII jacket? Also what do you think a fair price for a jacket like this is (worn but in good condition for apparent age). Thank you so much for putting some time into your responses, your help will be really appreciated by me! Hoping to take home, back to the states, some pilot's long lost friend!
p51 on 11/28/12 at 02:33 PM


Gail on 11/30/12 at 01:19 PM

Based on the drecription it is an old jacket but it is not from WWII, as it would not have the IS674MS label in the jacket. All military jackets had their own military issued labels. Gail