618, 418 or something else?
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I just bought a Perfecto that was sold as a 618 but it has a tag that says 418 and it has no inside pockets. Is this a Dur-o-jac? Also, it was sold as a 38 but does the 40 on the tag mean the size?

Here are some pictures

Gail on 03/21/12 at 11:58 AM

The jacket is the style 418 and not a 618. On these older jackets and still on our style 618 you must purchase one size larger then your chest size. A size 40 will fit like a size 38, that is why the seller listed it as a szie 38. The jacket should have a "Durojac" or a "Schott  418-453-474SM" label in the jacket. Gail