140 or 140L ??
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Hello, I'm an happy french owner of a Leather Pea Jacket for almost 20 years or so ! It's time now for me to renew it ! I'm facing a problem : I discovered on your website that it exists TWO models, 140 and 140L As the pictures displayed on your webshop are unfortunately the same, i'm not sure what model I already own and what model to order :-/ Any explanation on the existing differences between 140 and 140L, and/or pictures would be great help for me ! Thank you for caring of my oversea's message ! Long Life to Schott ! Fred, form Paris
Gail on 03/04/13 at 09:10 AM

Hi Fred,

The difference between the 2 styles numbers 140 & 140L is the 140 is a regular and the 140L is a "Long" size. If you are tall and need a longer jacket and sleeve length you would order the long size 140L. Gail


Fachouille on 03/04/13 at 09:39 AM
Thank you for this fast answer Gail ! I'll buy the regular 140 :-)