118 vs 618?
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Hi there, I sell a lot of old vintage Schott Perfecto leathers and a question I am constantly asked is whether they are the 618 or 118 models? Some have bull labels and some have later rider labels but the styles look pretty much the same. Is there any easy way of distinguishing between the 118 and 618 models? Many thanks in advance for any help
Gail on 11/25/13 at 08:17 AM

On older vintage jackets it can be very hard to determine if the jacket is a 118 or a 618. Both jackets are identical is style including the labels. The only difference is the 118 is a naked cowhide leather and the 618 is a steerhide leather. The naked cowhide leather has no finish applied to the leather, the steerhide does have a finish applied. When new the 118 will have a dull appearance, the 618 will have a shine to the leather. Once jackets become old and worn from braking in the leather it is harder to determine the leather. Always check the coin pocket for a white ticket, depending on the age of the age this ticket could have the style number on it.  The 618 has been made since the 1950's the 118 has been made since 1978. Gail